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BiblePro can be downloaded and used forever for free. It's that simple.

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Get the BiblePro CD with 50 times the amount of Bible information and videos than the downloaded version.

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Through this website I provide Bible software for Windows on a single CD for $2.99 . Why so cheap? I'm a software engineer by day and at night I build professional grade software for the Christian community. No staff to pay, no advertising budget, no expensive office space. Just great Bible software that's always improving.

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This new version of BiblePro is our most popular tool, nearly 300,000 downloads at and 250,000 from all other download sites. BiblePro is designed for those students of the Bible who need the most powerful tools and references.


$2.99 CD - Get the $2.99 CD
What's the catch? It can't be that cheap! It is. You pay my shipping and handling and I'll mail it out to you today. This is the full professional CD, no limitations.

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BiblePro redefines the way Bible Software helps you access the Word. The software presents related information as you browse and search, making the most popular commentaries, references and dictionaries only a glance away.

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You can customize every aspect of the software. From search results and position of tools, to the look and feel of everything you can see.

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The new lightning fast search engine makes your queries appear almost instantly. Search any Bible, commentary or reference including the Hebrew and Greek Strong's Reference.

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Nothing could be simpler. By having the software do the look ups for you and displaying results that look like web pages you'll find this tool a quick study. The CD even comes with a set of videos to step you through any aspect.

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43 Bibles, 1,750,000 References, 250,000 Commentaries  - Get the $2.99 CD
Most popular Bibles, references and Commentaries are here, ready for you to immerse yourself in.

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Free Bible Software. As it should be! I bought a commercial Bible tool that was ok, but BiblePro is much better, and it was free. Keep up the good work! -- Bill W.

I have told all my friends about BibleOcean and your free BiblePro and added a link on my web site to BibleOcean. -- Corenlius R.

BiblePro is just wonderful. I requested the CD and had it in no time. It's helped my entire family! -- S.R.Marshal

I am enjoying your gift, thank you very much. I will recommend you to everybody in my practice. -- R.Jones