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Quick Overview

A tour of some of the general features of BiblePro.

Watch 1.2 Meg

Reposition and docking the display

In BiblePro everything is movable, configurable and editable.

Watch 1.1 Meg

Exporting to Word, HTML, PDF...

BiblePro can export into a wide variety of formats.

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Remember what you've read

BiblePro rememebers every verse you've looked at for easy navigation to verses studied earlier.

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Your Notes

Keep detailed notes in this powerful notes editor.

Watch 1.1 Meg

Colors, shapes and options

Everything you see can be customized.

Watch 0.8 Meg

Print Anything

Everything can be printed. You can even print to PDF!

Watch 0.6 Meg

Bible: Power Search

From simple 'Google-like' searches to detailed and focused queries, BiblePro has the tools.

Watch 1.16 Meg

Commentaries: Power Search

Over 150,000 commentaries can be searched in an instant.

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References: 1,000,000 Items

Quickly locate a single reference from over 1 million.

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Strong's Numbers: Power Search

The popular Strong's reference is at your finger-tips. Find the meaning of any word, and how it is used in the throughout the Bible.

Watch 0.5 Meg

Free Bible Software. As it should be! I bought a commercial Bible tool that was ok, but BiblePro is much better, and it was free. Keep up the good work! -- Bill W.

I have told all my friends about BibleOcean and your free BiblePro and added a link on my web site to BibleOcean. -- Corenlius R.

BiblePro is just wonderful. I requested the CD and had it in no time. It's helped my entire family! -- S.R.Marshal

I am enjoying your gift, thank you very much. I will recommend you to everybody in my practice. -- R.Jones